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Congratulations on deciding to demand property tax fairness! The PTK Abatement package is a professionally crafted property tax abatement/appeal addendum, providing the entire case against the illegal disproportionality that exists in your property's tax appraisal. Step-by-step filing instructions are contained on the first two pages, along with illustrations for an easy understanding of disproportionality. You'll know more about disproportionality than your property tax assessor. Add this document to your property tax abatement filing, and save!

Another will continue to save year-after-year...saving thousands of property tax dollars, for the one-time meager $35 investment!

First, we must make certain your property is illegally appraised. In order to make this determination, we'll need you to provide responses to some statements. The responses will show if your property qualifies.

During the next few painless minutes we'll also need a bit of information. Nothing personal...just enough to allow us to customize your property tax abatement package...and deliver it to you.

Speaking of delivery, we provide your $35 abatement package electronically:

  • Electronically cost of $35

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We realize the economy is less than great. Many household incomes have not grown. Not everyone always has $35 burning a hole in his or her pocket. So...we've prepared a FREE guide geared towards helping you better understand your property tax card. We even invite you to hit us up for help with any specific questions you may have.

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