The Secret Revealed: How Homeowners are Illegally Cheated on Property Taxation

As a professional real property appraiser/analyst and property tax assessor, it amazed me that homeowners were being systemically cheated! I spent decades taking local and national level courses, gaining experience from some of the best-of-the-best. My discovery (eventually filed for a patent) resulted from what I learned during those decades…that the appraisal portion of property taxation was based on a major error.

This one systemic error has not only resulted in billions of dollars of over-taxation, it is illegal and unconstitutional!

Proving the error existed was easy, and correcting it just as easy. Well, somewhat easy…let me explain.

Property tax appraisers/assessors are notably self-assured folks. Most survive by making their professional abilities seem almost mystical. From their professional jargon, to their seemingly solid command of how statistical analyses allow them to arrive at property valuations, they like to believe they’re the masters.

So, what are they doing wrong?

They value owner-occupied, single-family, detached properties (our homes), in a manner that is different from all other types of properties (land, commercial, industrial, etc.). This flies in the face of a handful of laws! Heck, even their supposed proof, or validation, of how they value properties is a big lie!

Before the sale of a home is complete, the seller spends thousands of dollars to repair and/or replace items that have been neglected. Lenders even require these items be brought up to a certain minimum level before they’ll release mortgage dollars to the buyers. These thousands of dollars seem to be invisible to the property tax appraisers/assessors.

They select and qualify these sales as “arm’s length transactions” without adjusting them for the dollars invested to consummate the sale. I often wondered if they assumed the repair fairies donated materials and labor to help the sales be completed!

You and I know there are no “repair fairies.” Therefore, the conditions of these sold properties are better than what the property tax appraisers/assessors last recorded. When they use these sales to value our homes, they are systemically over valuing our properties.

Why aren’t they routinely correcting these errors?

According to state property taxation laws, you and I have the burden of not only demonstrating an error has been made; we also have the burden of proof of over taxation on our shoulders. Odd, the professionals can maintain erroneous property appraisals, and the burden of proof is left to the lay-people!

There’s a second reason…

If we are each scammed comparatively small amounts of our hard-earned dollars each year, the commercial, industrial, etc. property owners are subsidized. If the fair and proper shift of the property tax burden were placed on their shoulders, they would squawk. When they squawk, they do so with expensive lawyers. Property taxing jurisdictions prefer NOT to have that happen.

The way I see it, we have three choices:

1.       Ignore the over taxation and allow the property assessors to let us illegally subsidize the other property types;

2.       Assemble an individual protest or appeal, in an attempt to prove we are being illegally taxed;

3.       Use the professionally prepared proof that offers ($35) as an attachment/addendum to the proper appeal/protest form.

I don’t know about you, but I decided to use the method and I’m now saving thousands of dollars! Thirty-five dollars invested NOW to save thousands of dollars…

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