Unique…Can there be Anything Unique Involving a Tax Assessor Issue?

Unique is one of those overused buzzwords now shunned by the marketing world. So, why do I elevate it to a level of prominence on Property Tax Kicker?

Simple…if I were in the advertising business, I wouldn’t have spent the past eight-years bringing my website online. If I wrote an ad, it wouldn’t sell anything. I’ll stick with what I do know.

I do know what I offer single-family, owner-occupied, property owners is unique. As of the day I’m writing this, no one else on the wide world of the internet offers to correct the systemic type of disproportionality that I handle.

If my statement above doesn’t fit the definition of unique…it does.

Property appraisers and tax assessors work in a realm of complexity. They are required to understand the differences between what is subjective and what is objective. Both are important elements in the professional world of appraising. Neither can be ignored. Sometimes that becomes a problem.

In the case of your property tax calculation, the problem is NOT unique. In fact, my best estimate is 98% of single-family, owner-occupied properties suffer. That’s correct…you are subsidizing all other types of properties. The list of those you are subsidizing includes all income producing properties, manufacturing, retail, wholesale, vacant land, etc.

My unique system forces the tax assessor to correct this error.

You may be wondering why, if the error is so prevalent, they haven’t corrected it without you having to request correction. Fair question. I wish I knew of one correct answer. I don’t. I would have to speculate, and I’m not willing to go out on that limb.

Here’s some food for thought…single-family, owner-occupied property owners comprise the largest group in any taxing jurisdiction. Collectively, we make a wonderful target for abuse. Cheat each of us a small amount and we’ll probably never realize it. Individually, we seldom can afford the cost of challenging the tax assessor. After all, the burden of proof is placed on us. The professional appraiser who is charged with representing us is off the hook. At least until we present them with what I offer via Property Tax Kicker. Become a PTKicker...as a team, we meet the burden of proof and force the tax assessor to correct the error.

Is that unique enough?