Guilty Rewarded and Witness Punished

Diamond thief receives pats on the back from the officials, and set free, while the witness reporting the diamond theft is detained and charged with being a witness!

Does the above sound ridiculous? Think again. It happens constantly. Power buys results. You and I don’t have such power. Is it proof you want? Consider the following.

Let’s replace the characters. We’ll replace “diamond thief” with “culprits” and we’ll use “whistle-blower” instead of “witness.” It will read as…

Culprits received pats on the back from the officials, and are allowed to remain free, while the whistle-blower, reporting the culprits’ commission of the felony, is detained and charged as a whistle-blower.

Recently, that was Alayne Fleischmann against J.P. Morgan Chase. A decade ago, it was I against the City of Claremont.

Stay tuned…