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Q:  What, exactly, is PTKicker selling for $35?

A:   Our professionally prepared, unique, property assessor's butt kicking, addendum (patent pending, we'll proudly add)! And yes, we're damned proud of it! We now have over 8,000* happy PTKickers, saving thousands of dollars! They're smiling!!!


98% of single-family homes are incorrectly [illegally] assessed**. Reduce your property tax bill by 7 - 10% (typical reduction)! Additionally, the savings continue each year!


The valuation process used to appraise your home for property taxation, has a major, systemic error. This error creates what is known as disproportionality. That means you are being taxed in a manner that is different from how others are taxed. You, my friend, are subsidizing people and corporations! Have any of them sent you a "thank-you" note?

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Find out about the PTK method (patent pending) and how it cuts through the assessing dead wood...reducing your property taxes. The best $35 investment decision you'll make!

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* Rounded to nearest thousand. Subject to change.

** +/- total owner-occupied, single-family, detached, properties, excluding those which have sold within past two years.

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